Cellar ghost in sight?!

The historic rock-cut cellars for kids

An unusual guided experience at the foot of Nuremberg's castle

So many stories can be told about Nuremberg's rock-cut cellars. During this exciting and completely individual tour into the maze-like cellars, children learn a lot about what happened in the cellars in the last 600 years.

Needless to say, you can also arrange a treasure hunt for your kids. That will make the visit to the cellars even more exciting! Just ask, we will take care of everything.



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Remember to bring warm clothing and electric torches! Nuremberg's rock-cut cellars are cold as a fridge even in the summer. And although there is sufficient illumination, your children might like to have a closer look into this or that corner…

  • The tours are designed for children of primary school age and groups of 10 to 20 kids. There must be one adult for every five children accompanying the tour.
  • The tours can be booked any time of the year and take about 75 min. time. Please book your tour at least three weeks before the desired date.
  • The exciting guided children's tour costs 90€.

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