Gourmet Packages – Specialty Beers and Delicate Distillates

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Beer Gourmet Packages combine culinary art with culture

Discover in one visit what belongs to Nuremberg since so many centuries – the rock-cut cellars and its beer. The easiest way to do this are the Beer Gourmet Packages of the “Hausbrauerei Altstadthof“.

Small beertasting after the tour in the “Hausbrauerei Altstadthof“:

0,2l red beer – the beer of the city of Nuremberg
Price: 2,00 € p.P.

Beer temptation 1:

2x homebrewn of one's choice à 0,2 l, 6 Nuremberger Bratwursts with Kraut
or a good and solid franconian snack with crusty brown bread
and one schnapstasting (2 cl bock beer schnaps)
Price: 15,00 € p.P.

Beer temptation 2:

Welcome with beer and oven-fresh pretzels before the tour.
After the tour, 3 types home-brewn beer à 0,2 l: pale, red, black
6 Nuremberger Bratwursts with Kraut or a good and solid franconian snack with crusty brown bread
2 types of beer schnaps from the in-house distillery
Price: 21,00 € p.P.

Beer temptation 3:

Welcome with nibbles on crusty brown bread, “Schmalz“ (a spread specialty), “Obazda“ (a cheese specialty) and home-brewn beer before the tour.
After the tour, 4 types of home-brewn beer à 0,2 l, pale, red, black, wheat, and bock beer schnaps bierbrand from the in-house distillery.
Along with this we serve the beer menu:
Franconian potatoe soup with bread croutons to accompany the Nuremberg red beer.
Oven-fresh “Schäufele“ (Franconia's special roast pork) in red beer sauce, kraut  and dumpling to accompany the Altstadthof dark beer. After a bock beer schnaps as digestif comes apple strudel with vanilla sauce, almond slices, and cream accompanied by the red wheat beer.
Price: 39,00 € p.P incl. drinks (28,00 € without drinks)


Experience offer 4 – Nuremberg Package

3 types of homebrewn à 0,2 l (pale, red, and black),
accompanied by “Schäufele“ (Franconia's special roast pork) and 2 cl red beer schnaps as digestif.
Price: 23,00 € p.P.


Package offer “Hops and Malt“

All prices of the Beer Gourmet Packages are exclusively offered to visitors who book one of the tours into the historic rock-cut cellars. Feel free to look for more information on the tours on this website.

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