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Frequently asked questions on Nuremberg's historic rock-cut cellars

Answers to the most important queries of our visitors

I have fallen ill at the last minute and cannot participate. Can I cancel my booking or choose another date instead?

Tickets can be returned until 24 hours before the booked date.

Where is the meeting point?

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Bergstraße 19.
For the guided tours “Historic Rock-cut Cellars“, “Red Beer in Deep Cellars“, the “Children's Tour“, and the “Dark Tour“, the meeting point is in front of the brewery shop.
For the guided tour ”Forgotten Cellar Ghosts“, please come to the inner courtyard.

Am I allowed to film or take pictures during the event?

No, we are sorry, video and audio recordings as wells as taking photographs is not allowed.

I have a dog and would like to take it along. Is this possible?

No, we are sorry, it is not allowed to bring any animals.

The weather forecast announces hard rain. Will the tour take place nonetheless?
Yes, all tours are independent of weather conditions.

What happens if the minimum number of participants is not achieved?

Normally, at least 3 persons are needed for the guided tours “Historic Rock-cut Cellars“, ”Red Beer in Deep Cellars“, and the “Children's Tour“.
For the guided tour “Forgotten Cellar Ghosts“ as well as the “Dark Tour“, the minimum number of participants is 8.
If these numbers cannot be achieved, the tours will be cancelled.
All participants will be returned their money in the brewery shop. In case of an online booking, participants will get notified via e-mail or telephone.

Who will be granted reduced admission? 

Reduced admission is exclusively granted to pupils, students, severely disabled persons, and owners of the “Nürnberg Pass“.

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