Guided experiences for groups

Discovering the historic rock-cut cellars together

Of course, the variety of guided tours in Nuremberg's rock-cut cellars is open for all kinds of groups.

Opening hours for group tours: daily from 8:00 until 23:00 o'clock as agreed upon.

Get excited by the wide-branching cavernous historic rock-cut cellars beneath Nuremberg's Old town and share the experience in a group. As a highlight afterwards, come to the “Hausbrauerei Altstadthof. “  for the city's famous beer. There, you will get a taste of the city's history in the form of most diverse franconian delicacies.

The historic rock-cut cellars offer shared group experiences for:


Guided group / foreign-language tours:

For visitors from foreign countries, we offer guided tours through the rock-cut cellars in the following:

English (english guides tours)
Français (visites guide tours)


Historic Rock-cut Cellars

Groups: 100,00 €
Foreign-language groups: 115,00 €

Beer Tour:

Groups: 110,00 €
Foreign-language groups: 130,00 €
3,00 € including beertasting (pale beer0,1 l + red beer 0,2 ltr) per person

Children's Tour:

Groups: 90,00€ 

A Walk in the Dark:

Groups: 140,00€ (only in German)
This tour can not be booked in foreign-language

Forgotten Cellar Ghosts:

Groups: 340,00€ (only in German!)
This tour can not be booked in a foreign language

Extra charges:

15€ extra charge for night tours later than 21h
15€ extra charge for pick-up service inside the city walls
25€ extra charge for pick-up service outside the city walls

For guided group tours, it is not possible to buy single tickets! Please book your tour via the ticket system or contact us directly.